HybridGeek  -noun: "a person who defines their self as having both the traits of a geek and the traits of an incongruent or different kind of person"; Ex. Geek + Outdoorsman.
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Hello and welcome to HybridGeek. This site is designed to be the main landing area for specific project sites, and is not designed to host all that much content. The few pages that make up this "landing zone" are designed primarily with ease of access for the project sites in mind, and will also be used to showcase various web technologies.

The Author

I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in November with a Bachelors of Science in Networking, Security, and Systems Administration. I am currently working at Google as part of the Internal Technology Residency Program. When I'm not working on or around computers, I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible (hence the "hybrid" in HybridGeek). I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, camping, biking, and hiking, amongst others.

The Website

HybridGeek is a new venture on my part. My first attempts at a website used my entire domain as a personal website. I later redesigned the site to allow for multiple sub-sites (e.g. projects, professional use, etc). HybridGeek was originally intended to be another personal site, however as my personal and professional identities have developed, it (the word "HybridGeek") has become more of a public badge, and as such has taken the place of a much bulkier image based re-director to become a dynamic and lightweight main site. The goal for this main zone was to have a website with plenty of adaptability for linking to my projects, but at the same time would also be lightweight, highly compatible, and still stylish. It is, by design, a basic site, using basic technologies. The color scheme was custom created to not be too harsh on the eyes, and is supposed to be overall more natural tones (plant green, flowery reds, earthen brown, sky blue, etc). Most of the colors were picked directly from nature photos.

Contact Me

Please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, recommendations, etc:

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The concept of a "hybrid geek" came to me one day while out hiking. I realized that I hadn't met that many computer geeks along the Appalachian Trail, and began to wonder. I asked around, and realized that no one I knew was a computer person and an outdoorsman. I did some Google searches, and didn't really turn up much on the name "hybridgeek". A few other people had used the name "hybridgeek" as screennames, but no one had made a website, and no one had defined it. I took the initiative and created my own definition for it, using the dictionary definition for "geek" of "a computer expert or ethusiast" and combining it with something to indicate a duality. In recent years, I've met quite a few more people who are geeks + [something else], so I chose to make the definition more generic. I arrived at "a person who defines their self as having both the traits of a geek and the traits of an incongruent or different kind of person." This allows for geek + theatre junkie, geek + biker, geek + [insert descriptor]. You can check out my definition for "hybridgeek" on the 21st century's slang database, Urban Dictionary, at this link. Now, I don't claim to be the original creator of the word, nor do I take credit as being the first "hybridgeek". I'm sure there have been quite a few before me. As I write this, it is apparent that the idea of a geek and an outdoorsman is becoming far more accepted, so I expect it will become just another lost word some day, but for now, it is the calling card and symbol for those that stand out as truly unique individuals. Stand up HybridGeeks, you are unique, and you should be proud.