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Hiking The Appalachian Trail in Maryland
A Guide for Outdoorsmen
Day Hikes
Destination: Annapolis Rock (elevation (1700')
Access Point: Parking lot on Route 40, one-quarter mile east of Greenbrier. Follow blue blazed trail from parking lot to white blazed A.T. Turn right to go north on A.T.
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.2 miles
Options for Return: Return by same trail to Route 40
Highlights: Annapolis Rock offers a fine view of Greenbrier Lake and Cumberland Valley to the west. Continue north on A.T. one mile to Black Rock, which also offers a westward view.
Destination: Washington Monument (elevation 1600')
Access Point: Parking lot on Route 40, one-quarter mile east of Greenbrier. Follow blue blazed trail from parking lot to white blazed A.T. Turn left to go south on A.T. (cross foot bridge over I-70)
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3 miles
Options for Return: Return by same trail to Route 40 or leave a second car at Washington Monument State Park
Highlights: The first monument to our nation's first President offers views to the east and west
Destination: Weverton Cliffs (elevation 750')
Access Point: Gathland State Park
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 6 miles
Options for Return: Return by same trail to Gathland or leave a second car at Weverton Road (an additional mile south of Weverton Cliffs on A.T.)
Highlights: Weverton Cliffs offers a view of the Potomac River and the area surrounding Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
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Multi-Day Hikes
Maryland A.T. North to South (and vise versa)
Start Point: Pen Mar, PA
End Point: Harpers Ferry, WV
Description: This trip will pit you up against a formidable climb if starting at Pen Mar, but the hike rapidly becomes quite nice afterward. Stop and enjoy the view from High Rock while you're there! While the trail is a bit bumpy at first, it soon smoothes out, taking you across some scenic fields. On the way you'll pass Black Rock, Annapolis Rocks, Washington Monument State Park (see information on park), and Weverton Cliffs. The trip will end with a gorgeous view of Harpers Ferry, WV, and end in the historic town with plenty to do. This hike can be done the opposite direction as well, but the end isn't nearly as scenic.
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: ~41 miles
Time Required/Number of Days: 1-5 (A 1-day hike is called the "Maryland Challenge", 2-3 days is plenty of time for most, and for beginners or those who simply want a nice slow hike, 4-5 days is a good time frame.)
Options for Return: Loop back at Harpers Ferry, making the trip ~82 miles. Or leave your car at Harpers Ferry and find a friend to drop you off at Pen Mar (Leaving a car there is not recommended).
Highlights: Pen Mar park, High Rock (view), Black Rock (view), Annapolis Rocks (view), Weverton Cliffs (view), Harpers Ferry... (ALL the wonderful sights of the Maryland A.T.!)
South Mountain Relay
Start/End Point: Annapolis Rocks
Mid Point: Ensign Cowall Shelter
Description: This hike will start you out hiking the 2.2 miles up to Annapolis Rocks from the parking lot at Rt. 40. You can check out the view now, or wait till the next day; Continue Northbound on the A.T. for roughly 9 miles until you get to Ensign Cowall shelter. Take a load off at the shelter for the night and have some fun in the large area around the shelter. Why not enjoy a warm camp fire? Head back to Annapolis Rocks the next day back across the same route. Camp at Annapolis Rocks; be sure to watch the sunset and sunrise from the cliffs! Hike southbound on the trail back to your car at Rt. 40.
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: ~18-20 overall trip
Time Required/Number of Days: 2-3 Days
Options for Return: This is a round trip hike leaving you back where you started at Annapolis Rocks.
Highlights: Annapolis Rocks (view, sunset, sunrise), Black Rock (view), tent or shelter camping (for one night)

Side Trails

Few (if any) formal side trails (except those to shelters and campsites) exist on the Maryland portion of the A.T, however, all of the the neighboring state parks each have a weath of hiking trails that range from easy to hard and short to long. For information on these trails, visit the park website. Information (as well as a link) for each park is available on the Nearby Recreation page. A link for each park can also be found on the Links page.