Gear Checklists
Day Hiking Weekend Hiking Winter Hiking Ultralight Thru-Hiking
Hydration Pack Backpack Backpack UL Backpack Backpack
Knife Pack cover Pack cover UL Knife Pack Cover
Stove Tent Tent UL pack cover Tent
Lighter Sleeping bag Sleeping bag Blister kit Sleeping bag
Emergency Blanket Knife Knife Dehydrated food Knife
Water Purification Stove Stove Pot/mug Stove
Headlamp Water bottle Water bottle Pocket stove w/fuel Water bottle
Can opener Water purification Water purification UL Rain jacket Water purification
Titanium Spork Headlamp Headlamp UL Rain chaps Headlamp
First aid kit Lighter Lighter Down sleeping bag Lighter
Food First aid kit First aid kit Air pad First aid kit
Cooking pot Food Food Lighter Food
Bandana Cooking pot Cooking pot Headlamp Cooking pot
Rain Jacket Can opener Can opener Water bottle Can opener
Fleece Jacket Stuff sack Stuff sack Aqua Mira Stuff sack
Long Underwear Food bag Food bag Socks Food bag
Hiking shoes Bandana Bandana Shorts Bandana
T-shirt Titanium Spork Titanium Spork UL Tent Titanium Spork
Hiking socks Nylon Cord Nylon Cord UL Stuff bag Nylon Cord
Toilet paper Gaiters Gaiters Bandanas Gaiters
Money Water bag Sleeping pad Titanium Spork Water bag
Garbage bags Sleeping pad Ground cloth Nylon Cord Sleeping pad
Plastic pot scrubber Ground cloth Rain jacket UL Fleece Jacket Ground cloth
Plastic bags Rain jacket Long underwear Trail sneakers Rain jacket
Personal ID Long underwear Fleece/down jacket Long underwear Long underwear
Shorts Fleece jacket Winter hiking boots Toilet paper Fleece jacket
Shorts Polypro t-shirt Shirt Shorts
Boots/sneakers Socks Toothbrush Boots/sneakers
Shirt Goggles Money Shirt
Socks Crampons Flip flops Socks
Rain hat Winter hat Plastic pot scrubbers Rain hat
Toilet paper Gloves Zip lock bags Toilet paper
Toothbrush Snow shoes Toothpaste Toothbrush
Money Toilet paper Personal ID Money
Flip flops/sandles Toothbrush Garbage Bags Flip flops/sandles
Notebook Money Notebook
Toothpaste Toothpaste Toothpaste
Personal ID Peronsal ID Personal ID
Garbage bags Garbage bags Garbage Bags
Guide Book Guide Book Guide Book
Pencil Pencil Pencil
Camera Camera Camera
Ice Axe
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DISCLAIMER: Every trip, for each individual hiker will use different gear depending on climate, hiker physical condition, season, trip length, and more. This list should only be used as a general guide to help make sure nothing important is left out and get started those new to hiking and backpacking. Unless ultralight is your goal, a good rule of thumb is: If you think you may use an item, or are unsure, include it anyway... It is better to be have an item and not use it than need it in an emergency and not have it.

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