Local Maps
Maryland AT Detailed Custom Map
(JPEG 2592x1728 @ 1.41MB)

This map, originally created as a college cartography project, provides an aerial view of the Applachian Trail in Maryland from Pen Mar, PA to Harpers Ferry, WV. The map highlights the A.T., adjacent parks, other major trails, and the shelters and campsites along the trail. It also highlights many of the roads around the trail, allowing quick reference for potential trail access points. The map is complete with descriptions of the various parks, trail statistics, an altitude profile, a gear checklist, and an easy to read key. (Map Format: JPEG, Dimensions: 2592x1728px, Resolution: 72dpi, Size: 1.41MB) (Other Formats: Uncompressed TIFF, 11x16.5in, 4950x3300px, 300dpi (print quality), 47.2MB available here)

Remote Maps

This map of the entire A.T., hosted by the National Park Service (NPS), is an excellent map for most uses. While it would not be appropriate for detailed planning, it is detailed enough to get an idea of where to start when looking for post offices to set up food drops at or planning entry and exit points. The map includes, roads, cities, parklands, trail maintaining organizations, and water bodies. (Map Format: Adobe PDF, Size: 1.92MB)